Child’s Plan

As a parent, your kids are the most important part of your lives. Smallest of your happy moments depend on them. While trying to maintain a balance between emotions & practical life, managing spending and savings often becomes a tricky task.

You would do anything to make your children happy and to secure their life & future. Max Life Child Insurance Plans have been specially customized to address your child’s future needs, even in your absence.

What is a Child Insurance Plan?

A kid protection plan is a blend of protection & speculation that guarantee a safe future for your youngster. Life cover is accessible. In addition to this, these plans additionally give adaptable compensation outs at significant achievements of your youngster’s schooling. While one probably shouldn’t contemplate shocking circumstances like passing or genuine clinical sickness, it’s significant that you safeguard your youngster’s future against such occurrences. Life Child Insurance Plans guarantee that your kid’s future monetary necessities are dealt with even in your nonattendance.

Child Insurance Plan

Why Buy a Child Plan?

Simple monthly savings might not suffice the growing higher education costs. For your child to shine in the competitive environment, education fees should be the last constraint. Child insurance plans provide you the flexibility to invest based on your child’s education needs, your current financial status, & other monetary goals. Typically, child insurance plans provide a life cover of around 10 times the annual premium. Additionally, these plans also provide partial withdrawal facility as needed. Along with this, you can also avail tax benefits for the premium paid.

  • A personalised child’s plan will be available when a child needs a range of extra support planned, delivered and co-ordinated.
  • This will explain what should improve for the child, the actions to be taken and why the plan has been created.
  • The child’s plan is managed by a ‘lead professional’: someone with the right skills and experience to make sure the plan is managed properly. Depending on the situation and the child’s needs, the lead professional may also be their named person.

The child & parent(s) will know what information is being shared, with whom & for what purpose, and their views will be taken into account. This may not happen in exceptional cases, such as where there is a concern for the safety of a child or someone else.

How a child insurance plan will secure your child’s future?

  1. Provides financial security during the most crucial years of your child’s life
  2. Offers a perfect blend of investment and savings in a single plan
  3. Safeguards child’s future, even after demise of the parent
  4. Favours disciplined, long term savings, which usually becomes a challenge

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