Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance, also referred to as visitor insurance or overseas Travel insurance is a special facility offered by insurance companies in India to cover you against the following unforeseen situation while travelling abroad:

  1. Personal Accident
  2. Medical Expenses
  3. Loss of Passport
  4. Trip Delay
  5. Trip Cancellation
  6. Baggage Loss
  7. Risks while travelling abroad

Any claim due to or arising out of pre-existing medical condition/ailment whether declared or undeclared is not covered under the policy.

It would not be wrong to say that travel insurance is the backbone of every travel plan. You cannot be at peace without having one in hand. The plan will help you get compensation in case of any unforeseen event occurring during a trip.

Putting resources into a suitable travel protection plan is helpful. With the recurrence of unanticipated occasions expanding consistently, it has become pivotal to keep a reinforcement plan that assists you with taking care of crises effortlessly. Unsure occasions, for example, psychological oppressor assaults, robberies, and burglary are probably the most widely recognized ones an explorer runs over. You don’t have a thought how awful it can get when you are experienced with such occasions in an outsider objective.

Having a travel insurance policy in hand will help you ensure complete protection all through the trip & even offers you compensation when an emergency strikes. No wonder investing in a good travel insurance plan tops the list of any travel plan. Remember that a vacation package is incomplete without travel coverage.

Unfortunately, there is a significant percentage of population who don’t believe in buying travel insurance policy. They feel that the policy is a waste of money and leads to a lot of time and money wastage. This is not true. In fact, the plan works towards saving your valuable investment in case an emergency strikes on a trip. Time is certainly not wasted as most insurance companies offer Travel Insurance policies online. All need to do is log on to the World Wide Web from the comfort of your home and buy a plan that ideally suits your specific needs and budget. If you are all set to go on a trip this holiday, get a travel insurance plan now

Travel Insurance provides utmost protection against unseen medical and non-medical emergencies. Additionally, any traveler below 70 years of age need not undergo the medical check-ups. Assistance will be provided for your loved ones at home. Having a Travel Insurance Policy in hand will help you ensure complete protection all through the trip and even offers you compensation when an emergency occurs. Remember that a vacation package is incomplete without travel coverage.

Significance of Travel Insurance. Well, the most crucial reason to buy a comprehensive travel insurance plan is to cover medical expenses while travelling abroad. In the event of an accident or unforeseen sickness, instant medical assistance is required. Now the medical care cost can vary from one country to the other. In some countries these expenses can break your bank. An insurance policy will take care of all exorbitant expenses you may come across including air ambulance and repatriation.

Trip Cancellation. This can happen due to many reasons. Sudden illness, physical injury, an accident, illness of travelling companion, death or illness in the family are certain incidents that force you to cancel your trip. This usually results in heavy financial losses. In the event where illness occurs just days before a trip, you may have payments made in full for various arrangements including tickets, flights, accommodation, etc. cancelling the trip means heavy loss and disappointment. Having a travel insurance policy will cover the losses.

Missed Flights. This is not an unusual event. Many a times, travelers tend to miss their flights. This incident occurs due to a number of reasons such as vehicle breakdown on the way to the airport, a traffic jam, accident etc. With a travel insurance plan in hand, you can handle the cost of an additional flight. Expenses incurred in reaching your destination will be fully covered.

Theft or Loss of personal belongings. Tourists are prone to attacks, theft, loot, etc. in a foreign land. Travel insurance is crucial to balance the loss due to the above stated emergencies. Insurance companies usually reimburse these losses.

Curtailment. This is a common travel insurance term. It defines the curtailment of a trip due to certain events such as serious illness or death of a close relative at home while you are travelling overseas. In case of such an emergency, the overall cost of trip curtailing will be covered by the company.

Checklist. Preparing a checklist is important before buying Travel Insurance Online. This is especially important if you are not covered against medical expenses. Sickness doesn’t come knocking at your door or taking prior experience. Make sure that the travel insurance policy you buy covers all hospital bills in conjunction with prescription costs incurred by you overseas.

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